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How to Mentor Your Child: Step 1

Have a Vision of Who Your Child Is and Who They Were Created to Become

Now to start off, let’s talk about what that does NOT mean. Sometimes the easiest way to understand what something IS is to know what is IS NOT. This vision is not something you come up with on you own. It is NOT something you get based on your own bias, agenda, hopes and dreams formed from past hurts and personal disappointments. For example, you don’t want to be that parent that pushes football on your child because you didn’t get to accomplish your own dream of becoming a football star. Especially if that child has a very limited natural interest in football. Not to mention if this is not God’s plan or design for your child.

Our children ultimately do not belong to us. We need to see our children as Gods work of art and that we are his hands and feet to mold them into who God has created them to be and who they are. I heard once that an artist does not see a block of marble as whatever they want it to become, but that they have a higher vision from the maker of the of the marble what that marble is destined to become. Then they simply remove everything from the marble that is not that vision.

We must call forth their destiny and their purpose by having an understanding of who they are. But how do we do this practically? We need to spend time in prayer asking God to give us a vision of who our child really is in God’s eyes and what He has created them to be and who they are.

There are a lot of obvious automatics for all children and people. God has called us all to walk in love and to know Him and live a life connected to His love (Matthew 22: 36-40). So if you are not sure the exacts of what they are called to be yet, you can always be sure that the foundation of that calling is to be a little Jesus that goes around loving others and changing lives through their love (Ephesians 5:1-2), while having a life connection to God, which sustains them in all that they do (John 15:4). That will always be the theme of their calling no matter what the actual details are meant to become.

Basics for who your child is (regardless of habits and behavior):

1. They are kind and loving to siblings

2. They are obedient and loving to parents

3. They are honest

4. They are gentle

5. They are helpful

6. They are selfless

7. They are loving

8. They are compassionate

9. They standup for what is right

10. Their life is an act of worship to God

11. They are passionately loved by their creator

12. They are special and unique

13. God has a special and unique plan and purpose for their life (Jeremiah 28:11)

14. They are uniquely creative

15. They have a genius all their own

16. They have incredible value that cannot be altered or destroyed in anyway, no matter what

17. They are lovers of God and not lovers of passion

18. They love others more than themselves and put others first

19. They are wise

20. They are full of joy

21. They are full of peace

22. They are good

23. They are self controlled

24. They fear the Lord and not man

25. They are more than conquerors

26. They are overcomers

27. They are lead by the Spirit of the Lord

28. They are fulfilled by God’s love

29. They can hear God’s voice and direction in their life

30. They have a hope and a future


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